Get your bag organized

You might have heard it somewhere or said it yourself at some point "My handbag looks as if the cat's been in there" or "I carry in my handbag everything you might find in a small general store", everything that is, but the kitchen sink. If you are like many of us, trying to keep up in the rat race of daily life, chances are you too are one who carries your life in your daily handbag. How often have we been frustrated because we could not find the car keys, or have forgotten to mail a bill or were not able to grab your ringing cell phone in time? To feed the anticipated needs of our everyday life from our trusted depositaries, calls for organization. Let's look at some of the ways that can make our lives a little easier.

Choosing a handbag

  • Since you'll be using the handbag for long periods of time when out of the house you'll need a bag that's comfortable. How will you be carrying it? Is your preference to sling the bag over the shoulder diagonally or hung over one shoulder or carried over both shoulders in a backpack?
  • Choose a bag that accommodates all your daily needs. Look for ample of compartments and pockets to house your various items. Select a style that compliments your dress sense.
  • Look for useful features, such as external cell phone pockets, key holder ring, pockets for sunglasses, flaps over compartments, magnetic closures.
  • Select a material that is durable, which can withstand the demands you put upon it with minimum maintenance.
  • Examine the workmanship, the quality of the stitching, the durability of the zippers and the metal hardware.

Organizing a handbag

  • Make a list of all the items you'll need on a daily bases.
  • Empty out all the items you are carrying now in your handbag.
  • Filter out items that you could do without.
  • Repack your handbag with a designation of space for particular items so that every time you use that item it always returns to that allocated space.

Packing tips

  • Place your keys in an outermost secured pocket or on specially attached key rings in the bag.
  • Cell phone should be placed in the same compartment for easy access or if you have a special pocket for the phone use that.
  • Place your money, wallets, check book, notepad in a separate compartment, preferably secured by some mechanism.
  • Carry your pen so that you can retrieve quickly when you need it, if your bag has a pen holder feature, use it.
  • Separate your work papers from the home papers use separate compartments or pockets for each.
  • Place your sunglasses in a padded and easy access compartment. Use the sunglasses pocket if the feature is available.

Store your bag

  • Assign an area in your house for the handbag. A place which is easy to remember has easy access but does not get trampled over by pets, children or others in the house.
  • Always return the bag to same spot every time when not in use.