Choosing a hand bag

Handbag for Work.

It does not matter where you work or what your job title is. The primary goal in choosing a handbag is its function. Will the bag give you the facility to organize your daily life and be durable enough to withstand the daily use?

  • Look for practicality, and function. Consider bags that will be able to accommodate all your daily necessities when at work. The items you would require when out; cell phone, wallet, pens, electronic personal organizer (PDA), and keys. Bags with specially designed pockets and compartments for your accessories will give you much peace of mind.
  • Briefly, ponder over your work environment and dress code. Is it very casual or does certain business dress code needs to be adhered to? If it's the later, you may want to consider leather handbags or perhaps a leather briefcase. For a laid back work place you may want to consider fabric handbags.
  • If you wear metal accessories to work, consider the color you predominantly wear. If gold is you preference, look for similar color hardware trimmings on the handbags to complete your appearance. If you need to meet a dress code, consider using dark colors for your bag, black,dark brown, or grey

Handbag for Soccer Mom

So you are the designated chauffer for your children, commuting them to various sports grounds for games, practice, or tournaments. You are likely to be out of the house for extended periods of time.

  • The bag will need a lot of real estate to carry various snacks, beverages, and clothing for the children plus all the things you may need such as the cell phone, wallet, and sunglasses. Consider using a big, spacious, sturdy bag with sufficient compartments, pockets, and strong adjustable length straps. Ensure there are ample of secured pockets inside the bag for you valuables.
  • Bag with zipper compartments stretching the width of the bag will serve as a good over-night bag.
  • Next consider what will be the most comfortable style for your bag. A tote style will allow you to carry the bag over one shoulder or suspended by the clasp of one hand. Backpack will give you more mobility by spreading the load over the shoulders whilst leaving your hands free.

Travel Handbag

So you've got yourself a little time off, and you are all excited about your forthcoming trip. You wonder what would be a suitable handbag to take along with you.

  • Since you are likely to be out and about a lot on your trip, you should consider a bag with maximum comfort. Look for long, adjustable, and strong straps. This will allow you to alternate your carrying positions.
  • You will be in a foreign environment so you'll want to make sure your money, passport, credit cards, keys, etc, have secure compartments and pockets. Look for zippered pockets, full flap bags, magnetic snap buttons on compartments
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  • Look for bags with ample of pockets and compartments inside and out. This will allow you to designate specific space for important items.
  • You'll want to choose a color which compliments most of your clothing. Consider casual tan leather handbag or if you opt for a fabric bag consider a dark blue color.

Choose a Quality Handbag

  • Examine the material and consider it's appropriate to the style. Business totes that will be used as a briefcase should use sturdy and durable material straps.
  • The "extra bag," a sturdy, foldable tote bag in a lightweight fabric that fits into your handbag is very handy to take along to carry additional items on your return trip.
  • Linings should always be stitched in, not glued on.
  • Stitching with thick, coated thread. Make certain that the finishing is done well, and that threads don't simply end or dangle.
  • Check handles and straps carefully because they are the pressure points of all bags. On a cloth bag, canvas or nylon handles should be well sewn in an X-shaped pattern. The handles should never be sewn directly onto the fabric of the bag but onto a thicker piece of material that helps distribute the pressure.
  • Be sure zippers work well. Run them back and forth several times to see that they glide smoothly.
  • Check for any crocking. Rub gently the surface of the bag with a soft cloth to see if any color transfers to the cloth.
  • If the bag has any decorative beads, sequins, embroidery, etc, look for any irregularities in the attachments.